Our story of passion for boxing

A few years ago, when in Italy boxing and combat sport, were just a niche far from the spotlights, we were already thinking on how bringing boxing back to the fore at world level.

About us

Unfortunately, despite hard trainings, sparrings and dedication we have never reached levels that could be defined international, much less global. We fought many matches in various combat sports, such as boxing, thaiboxe and savate, but we never reached the top levels.

We were disappointed but not defeated and for this reason we let our imagination fly.

We found the right partner that could help us producing a combat sports good that could be defined as world-class as quality and passion. A product that could send a message to every boxer and combat sport athlete. To not give up, to follow their passion and express theirselves in the middle of the ring and in life.

When Boxia was born

In 2020, despite all the difficulties of Covid and the consequent economic problems, we decide that the time was come: we opened a company that creates material whose could bring the Italian flag and our mission in the rings all over the world.

We know that all athletes who practice these sports are unique and that their stories, passions and differences enriches boxing and all other combat sports, bringing new lifeblood to the sport and making it grow day by day.

Our product embodies this desire of every boxer of exposing their real self in the ring. The place where despite sweat, pain and fatigue they are truly themselves. Where they can be whoever they want and achieve what they want, with effort, sweat and passion.

We believe in this sport and in the love of people practising it. This is the reason why we as BOXIA have created a boxing product that could make lives up their passion and uniqueness.

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