Boxing Head Guards

Protect your passion with the best boxing helmets

Boxing helmets are an essential element and accessory for all those who practice this discipline, both for professionals and for the most inexperienced.

Boxing helmets are not only useful to protect the skull, but they guarantee a 360° protection to the whole face. In this way you will properly protect all the bones of the face, nose and ears. The helmet is therefore an essential accessory, so it is essential to use it if you practice or if you decide to approach boxing.

The best boxing helmets are those that protect the chin, cheekbones, cheeks and forehead, but also the back of the head. In boxing these are the areas most likely to be hit in the ring by the opponent. It is also always useful to take a look at its size and weight. The best choice is to equip yourself with an accessory that is small and lightweight. This way you will not be hindered in your movements.

Differences between competition boxing head guards and training head guards

The main differences between these two types of boxing helmets are related to the size.

Training models are more padded and massive to provide more protection. Competition helmets are lighter, so as to give you a better view and speed of movement in order to better handle the blows of your opponent.

Choose your boxing helmet to always have maximum protection both in training and in competition.