Boxing pads

The perfect accessory for every training session

Boxing pads are used to train at your best in combat sports. They are worn by both the trainer and a training partner and are used to absorb the blows thrown. They are essential to improve the accuracy and quality of their shots, so you can learn to better calibrate the strength and speed of kicks and punches. Boxing pads are therefore an integral part of your equipment.

Train to correct imperfections in strength and direction, but also to settle the blows.

Boxing pads: why to choose them

Buying Boxing pads is essential to improve yourself and to show off your best side in the ring.

Use these accessories to really start moving the sporting design in the ring. Also remember that since it is training, it is unthinkable that your training partner will receive the blows without any defense for himself. With this pads, who trains is free to be able to sink your blows without fear of getting hurt.

The speed pads are therefore essential for instructors and masters for all those times that you want to encourage their athletes to go beyond their limits.

They are indispensable when you have to enter the optics of juggling within the limited space available in a ring. Its function is also to exercise on the athlete the expression of the potentiality that he has to bring out of himself in order to confront the adversary that will be in front of him during the fight.

Make your training perfect to enhance your potential in the ring.