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Boxia Made in Italy 🇮🇹

We passionately produce the best boxing products in Italy, for athletes who want to exercise their passion in the gym. We create our gloves, helmets, protections and equipment with experience, also thanks to the numerous tests carried out with titled professional boxers.

Boxia is synonymous with Italian love for boxing, for combat sports and for all those who want a product that matches their passions.

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We produce in Italy unique artisanal equipment

Our combat sports equipment represents the uniqueness of every boxer. Being in the ring means expressing yourself and doing what you want most, without ever giving up protection and style.

Boxia Classic Boxing Equipment

Made in Italy for the love of  boxing 

We know the unique emotions that every boxer feels in the ring. This is why we produce to live up to your passion for boxing.

Professional's choice

The best of the best

Boxia 🇮🇹 is the choice of champions on the Italian and World rings

Commitment, will, and passion allows you to conquer every challenge, in everyday life, as well as in the ring. This is why our boxing and combat sports accessories and gloves are designed to be out of the ordinary and to enhance and protect the boxer who wears them. All our products are always at the forefront both in terms of protection and materials used, but not only: they are made in compliance with international standards.

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