Circular shields

Train your passion with the best accessories

The circular shield is an essential accessory to promote proper training for both combat sports professionals and beginners. Through the circular shield it is in fact possible to create their own technique and make recurring and repeated movements without causing any damage to the shoulders, hand and bones.

The circular shield is an indispensable training tool for boxing and boxing athletes and is very much in demand during the physical preparation of great boxers. Moreover, this equipment is also perfect for fitness, such as cardio training exercises.

If you need to work on your physical endurance or your speed, then you need a durable circular shield with proper stitching and great filling.

Why choose a circular shield

The circular shield is a great tool for exercise, also because in this way you develop striking techniques, tone your muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular system and increase your endurance.

Using a circular shield in training is also important to realize that combat sports are not just about power, but require good techniques and a mastery of foot and hand play.

Hone your technique and be better prepared to step into the ring.

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