Sparring kit

For high level athletes looking for a high quality product

Our sparring kits are designed for all those athletes who do not accept compromises and want protection, safety and comfort while expressing their boxing art. Ready to be used in the ring as soon as you put them on.

Boxia offers its athletes the opportunity to take a complete kit for their professional and amateur sparring. The kit is complete with gloves, helmet and pro shell. The kit allows you to choose between different models of gloves, helmets and size of the shell, so as to perfectly fit the style of the boxer who wears them. Train with the colors of the boxers of the last century and with the innovation and protection of the most modern materials.

The Boxia sparring kit is available with the Boxia Challenge and Facebar helmet models.

Complete sparring kit: all the benefits

  1. Exclusive look with matching style products;
  2. Savings on the purchase of the single glove, helmet or shell;
  3. Ready to be used in sparring;
  4. Quality and protection for every sparring product;
  5. Don’t compromise the safety of any body part in sparring;
  6. Unique facebar helmet size to ensure comfort through lace and bar adjustment.

Boxia sparring gloves: only the best for your passion

The sparring gloves are closed-handed gloves to be used in training designed for your combat sport. They allow you to train in total safety for both the athlete and his training partner.

Their weight ranges from a minimum of 12 ounces to a maximum of 18 ounces. The more the number of ounces increases, the more the amount of padding, the surface area of the glove and consequently the weight increases. The fit is slightly wider as the number of ounces increases.

Give voice to your passion with the best sparring kits.