Custom boxing gloves

Bring your uniqueness in the ring

Enhance your passion through unique custom boxing gloves. Be yourself in the ring as you are in everyday life. Thanks to our passion for combat sports, all our products are always at the forefront in terms of protection and materials used and are made according to the highest international standards. Designed to be out of the ordinary and to enhance the dedication and sacrifice of the boxer who wears them.

Request your customized edition

    How we create our custom fighting products

    We help you to express your passion

    Once we receive the email with the details of what you would like to create, we will get you in touch with our product designer. We will create an exclusive mock-up of gloves, headguard, groin guard or any product you would like to wear to express your passion in the ring

    Let’s work!

    Once the process is complete and the mock-up is completed, our craftsmen will cut the materials needed to create your product. In case there are logos or printed images, we will create them with the best and most resistant method possible. Finally, we will begin to sew your product, putting all the care and passion to create your incredible new made in Italy gear.

    Unique style inside the ropes with our custom products

    Once completed, we will send you the finished product as soon as possible. You will be amazed by the made in Italy quality of your new pair of gloves, headgear or whatever you have ordered! Post a photo on social media and tag us. You will receive a discount coupon for a product in stock, limited or for a new customized product to give as a gift or to combine with yours!

    Why choose Boxia’s custom boxing gloves

    We know very well how boxing gloves represent a second skin for you. Precisely for this reason you can not afford to wear just any gloves.

    The accessory par excellence of combat sports must be able to enhance not only your sporting side, but also your more personal side. In this way you will have more confidence and trust in the ring, to always give the best of yourself.

    Choose from our original graphics and colors unobtainable on the market. You are unique, so why not show it off?

    Boxing gloves sizes

    To get a glove that fits you perfectly, always keep these measurements in mind:

    • 6 Oz : for athletes weighing less than 45 kg;
    • 8 Oz : for athletes weighing between 45 and 65 kg;
    • 10 Oz : for athletes weighing between 65 and 78 kg;
    • 12 Oz : for athletes weighing between 78 and 90 kg;
    • 14 Oz : for athletes weighing over 90 kg.

    Boxia’s custom boxing gloves: to be always up to your passions and your uniqueness.

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